About Us

I never considered taking care of animals, and even less devoting myself to the breed of dogs and Maltese’s exhibitions, but one day Charlotte, my first Maltese, turned up. She is very sweet and loyal and my companion on the best and worst moments of my life.  

In that moment began a story of learning and passion for this breed. I tried to learn as much as possible about taking care of their needs, appearance, handlings and exhibitions. I observed and attended courses, if possible, with the most exceptional and experienced people in the Maltese’s field. I’m still learning.  

I want to thank the handlers, breeders and friends and especially my family, for their support and huge patience. I’m aware that people who are very close to me had difficulties understanding this hobby, but I feel proud that I have always had the people I love more with me in this journey.  

I’d like to especially thank Vicenç Gómez  “Photo Ferrer”, Xavier Diaz XDR photo (hhtp:// and Anna Soler for our logo design. Anna, you are very gifted ( here you have web address where you will find beautiful things for your little

I hope to pass on my passion for this breed to whoever visits this site. I believe that there is a moment when this sentence becomes true: “Dogs aren’t my whole life, but they help to make it complete”. 

If you have decided to get a dog and all it entails, and you choose a Maltese, I can assure you that you will have a faithful companion that will appreciate your perseverance and will give you love and affection.